Django CBV style viewsΒΆ

Haystacks’s class based views predate the inclusion of CBVs into the Django core and so the paradigms are different. This makes it harder to impossible to make use of view mixins.

The bundled SearchView and FacetedSearchView classes are based on django.views.generic.edit.FormView using the SearchMixin and FacetedSearchMixin, respectively. The SearchMixin provides the necessary search related attributes and overloads the form processing methods to execute the search.

The SearchMixin adds a few search specific attributes:

  • load_all - a Boolean value for specifying database lookups
  • queryset - a default SearchQuerySet. Defaults to EmtpySearchQuerySet
  • search_field - the name of the form field used for the query. This is added to allow for views which may have more than one search form. Defaults to q.


The SearchMixin uses the attribute named queryset for the resultant SearchQuerySet. Naming this attribute searchqueryset would make more sense semantically and hew closer to Haystack’s naming convention, however by using the queryset attribute shared by other Django view mixins it is relatively easy to combine search functionality with other mixins and views.